Ryse Solutions Inc. is a Producer Responsibility Organization that helps the tire industry achieve targets set by recovery and recycling regulations recovery and recycling regulations under the Ontario Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act.

Customer Service: Your business is unique, and your tire compliance solutions should be too. We start every client relationship by listening to our customers and learning about their business. The more we know about our clients operations, the better equipped we are to create custom compliance solutions that seamlessly fit their business model so we can make compliance easy and cost effective. We are known in the tire industry for the high levels of customer service we provide and our ability to listen, give real answers, and provide real solutions.

Cost Effectiveness: We use a diverse network of service providers, including Emterra Tire Recycling, and a number of small and medium sized businesses. Our network works in volumes that save our clients money. We are well versed in the tire industry, and our extensive knowledge ensures our clients save time and money to maintain compliance. 

Security and Tracing: We take tracking and reporting seriously. We ensure all your tires are processed within North America. We work with reputable service providers (collectors, haulers and recyclers) which provides us with full visibility on the chain of custody. Our tracing ensures that your legal obligation to collect end of life tires is fulfilled.

Multi-Material PRO: Ryse Solutions is proud that tire compliance is the original Ryse flagship solution. Ryse became a leader in the collection and recycling of tires, and then with the addition of other compliance solutions, became Canada’s one stop shop for complying with Ontario’s extended producer responsibility regulations.

What to Recycle? To keep tires out of landfills, tire producers in Ontario are legally responsible for ensuring used tires are collected and recycled or reused.

We collect and process:

  • medium truck tires
  • passenger and light tuck tires
  • motorcycle tires
  • agriculture tires
  • construction tires

Where to Recycle:

Tire collection sites

How it’s Recycled:

In Ontario, tire producers and importers pay to collect and recycle used tires. Collectors accept the tires and store them for haulers. Haulers pick up your old tires and transport them to processors in Ontario, where they are then recycled. Processors separate tires into three main parts: Steel, fibre, and rubber.

The steel gets recycled, the fibre is used as a clean energy alternative, and the rubber is converted to crumb rubber, which is used to make playground flooring, mats and even paving stones.