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Ryse Solutions

Ryse Solutions is a producer responsibility organization. We work with our customers – producers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers – to help them understand and meet regulatory requirements. Our expertise and solution offerings expand across a range of materials including tires, waste electronics and electrical equipment, hard-to-recycle packaging and batteries. We offer our clients:

• Material collection and processing services, such as end-of-life product recycling, tracking and reporting to meet compliance obligations with regulations;

• Material tracking and reporting to, or on behalf of, our clients’ material recovery, compliance and chain-of-custody efforts;

• Advice on designing more recyclable and sustainable products and packaging; and,

• Services to confirm the recyclability of products and packaging in real-world settings by testing the products in our network of material recovery facilities and processing plants and ultimately in the end markets. 


Gordon Day

Gordon Day has been spent the majority of his career developing solutions that improve business and environmental performance through circular economy principles. With more than 30 years of experience in recycling, waste diversion and producer responsibility, Gord has helped design, implement and manage a number of stewardship programs across the country. Over the past few years, Gord led the start-up and growth of a producer compliance practice covering blue box materials and the range of products such as tires, waste electronics and batteries for over 50 companies across Canada and the U.S.

Emmie Leung

Emmie Leung has been a driving force for waste management and recycling across Canada and the state of Michigan for more than four decades. Emmie’s accolades are a testament to her recognized dedication to the ongoing development and betterment of our industry. As the inspiring leader of a group of companies that now employ more than 1,100 people, Emmie has proven unstoppable in any economic climate and abundantly capable of developing and implementing creative and effective solutions that deliver low carbon, cost effective, and circular solutions.  

Carmelina Macario

Carmelina Macario has spent the majority of her career in the resource recovery sector, from energy, to natural resources and now the circular economy. Carmelina has over 15 years of experience in policy and compliance, 9 of which are in the field of producer responsibility. Carmelina began her time in the circular economy with Waste Diversion Ontario Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority. Carmelina also brings experience in government including advising cabinet ministers on policy development. With a customer service first attitude, Carmelina's role in compliance was taking legislation from paper to action by building systems to help companies meet their compliance. As Director of Operations and Compliance, she assists over 100 producers in understanding and navigating the complexities of the new circular economy regulatory framework in Ontario.

Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz has brought extensive experience in business development and stakeholder relations to the team at Ryse Solutions, where he guides industry professionals and businesses in understanding their compliance obligations under the circular economy legislation in Ontario.  

With a Masters in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, years of experience working for Stewardship Ontario, and a deep commitment to sustainability, Carlos offers a wealth of knowledge in resource recovery and the implementation of compliance solution strategies that serves our clients well. 

Outside of Ryse Solutions, Carlos makes every effort to recycle right and conserve energy. He also  loves a good adventure and has been backpacking through Europe. 

Edgar Li

Edgar Li brings an analytical mindset, passion for sustainability, and educational background in Environment, Resource and Sustainability to the team as a Circular Economy Program Analyst. In his role, Edgar helps analyze and optimize the current operations of Ryse Solutions.  

Edgar’s sustainability efforts don’t end at work – in his everyday life, Edgar makes every attempt to reduce consumption and food waste, and repair items wherever possible.  

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Ryse Solutions is proud to be certified and self-recognized as a Women's Business Enterprise through WBE Canada

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Ryse Solutions invests in an inclusive supply chain to access innovative suppliers while creating wealth and employment with aboriginal and minority communities.