Ryse Solutions provides customized compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions to meet your individual needs. We have the expertise and experience to ensure you comply with regulations and to help you set and meet your own recycling and sustainability targets.

As part of Emterra Group, a vertically integrated recycling organization, Ryse Solutions has direct access to collection, hauling, transfer, recycling and processing facilities as well as materials marketing programs across Canada and into the State of Michigan, U.S.

If you are a tire producer in Ontario and obligated under the new tire regulation, Ryse Solutions and Emterra Tire Recycling together deliver tire collection, recycling and compliance reporting requirements.

Emterra Tire Recycling offers:

  • One of Ontario’s largest tire hauling networks
  • A tire processing facility with environmental compliance approvals
  • An established network of end markets for crumb rubber, steel and fibre

All backed by an unparalleled team of in-house tire hauling, recycling and producer compliance expertise.


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