Founded in 2018, Ryse Solutions is experienced in multi-material recovery in regulated and voluntary environments. As Canada’s first multi-material Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), we manage compliance services for over 200 customers including many of Canada’s largest retailers and Fortune 500 companies. We focus on our customer’s unique needs in the pursuit of a circular economy.

Ryse Solutions offers uniquely tailored solutions for the following categories:

As a division of Emterra Group, Ryse Solutions has direct access to collection, hauling, transfer, recycling and processing facilities as well as materials marketing programs across Canada and into the State of Michigan, U.S.

Emterra Group created Ryse Solutions to develop and operate innovative waste diversion and producer responsibility programs:
  • Design operationally effective and economically efficient collection and post-collection programs 
  • Diverse and strong network of end-markets for all commodities
  • Experience collecting from all sources/locations
  • Leverage front-line experience delivering services in regulated programs
  • Procurement and supply chain specialist

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