Electronic Collections Map

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Did you know your electronics contain valuable resources that can be extracted to manufacture new items? For this reason, it’s important we do our part to keep valuable materials out of landfills and in circulation.

Which electronics should I recycle?
Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) ranging from cellphones and televisions to computers and baby monitors should be recycled.
View a full detailed list of electrical products you should recycle.

Where can I recycle my electronics?
To ensure we’re doing our part to divert waste from landfill and promote a circular economy, we’ve compiled a list of electronic waste collection locations. Find your nearest drop-off location using the map below:
EEE Recycling Program Details
Starting on January 1, 2021 in Ontario, the EEE Regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 requires ITT/AV producers to be responsible for collecting and managing EEE supplied to customers in Ontario by reusing and recycling them. The regulation establishes mandatory and enforceable EEE collection and management requirements for producers.

The regulation gives producers flexibility to meet their targets by either making their own arrangements for collecting and managing EEE, or by contracting a producer organization responsible to act on their behalf.