The Circular Revolution: Unlocking the Potential of Electronic Waste Recycling

Our world rapidly produces better, brighter, and faster technology, they have their moment, and then we discard the latest gadgets faster than ever before.

This is the challenge of electronic waste, or e-waste, and it grows year over year, burdening our landfills and rapidly polluting the planet. 

Luckily there is a glimmer of hope—the transformative power of recycling. With trusted processing partners, Ryse Solutions Inc. ensures that all electronic materials are processed in strict compliance with all relevant regulations. We work with trusted partners to ensure all materials are processed per the regulation and also R2 and ISO 14001. Together, we help to grow the circular economy, where refurbishment and reuse take priority, ensuring that the valuable components of electronics find a new purpose.

In the business of e-waste recycling, safeguarding personal data is paramount. Our diligent EEE processors ensure privacy. Before any refurbished device is resold, they securely erase all data and subject each electronic unit to rigorous testing. We receive a Certificate of Recycling from our audited recycling partners with every load of electronic waste. 

Manual and mechanical methods are employed to dismantle old equipment and safely give the components a new life. Our partners skillfully extract reusable components, ensuring as many resources as possible are recycled. Any hazardous materials are dealt with responsibly. Our producers are also provided with diligent reports every step of the way. 

Markets for processed e-waste:

• Plastics: plastics are pelletized for reuse

• CRT Glass: This type of glass can be used in industrial applications

• Ink/toner cartridges: specialty recycler

• Batteries: specialty processors

• Mercury bearing: mercury retort

• Circuit boards and precious metals: sent to refineries and foundries