Compliance +

 Com·pli·ance · +


 + is additional

+ is beyond the status quo

+ is personalized service with real people

Through our Compliance +  program, we connect producers to circular opportunities.

As more and more customers are looking to purchase from responsible brands, we help businesses meet those new demands by carefully crafting programs beyond mandated compliance. These programs are designed to fit seamlessly into your business and at a lower cost to you.

We build custom solutions for producers. From product design to supply chains, to fully circular products. We have a unique set of skills that have been acquired over our extensive circular economy careers. We are experience in special collection programs​, feasibility analysis, end market evaluations, auditing, stewardship compliance reporting and much more.

Circular Economy Advancement Highlights 

  • Keurig Dr. Pepper – Away-from-home coffee capsule collection and recycling and coffee grounds composting
  • Canadian Cannabis Sector – Cannabis packaging and vape products recycling and landfill diversion
  • Founding Member of the Canada Plastics Pact
  • Compliance support to SodaStream Canada’s self-managed CO2 cylinder management program

We tailor your experience. We know compliance is not one-size fits all (in fact, nothing is).  Every circular solution we create is made-to-order after fully analyzing and understanding our clients needs. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter experience, we can gladly recommend a PRO who fits the mould.

We have extensive experience creating circular supply chains. We want to see the valuable resources that our producers purchase stay in the economy, making business sense and making business cents.

We have the mind of a consultant, the spirit of an entrepreneur, and the technical knowhow that only seasoned industry veterans can bring.

If you want a circular economy solution, book an 11 minute call with us to learn more.