Ryse Solutions and Circular Materials Finalize System Access Agreement

We are pleased to share that Ryse Solutions and Circular Materials have finalized the execution of the System Access Agreement to operate the common collection system (CCS) in Ontario.  

This is an important milestone as producers prepare to deliver a new blue box system for all Ontarians, funded 100% by producers.

Since the spring of 2022, Ryse Solutions and Circular Materials have been working on an agreement that will ensure all producers and/or PROs that are a party to the CCS will have access to their proportionate share of collected Blue Box materials and that they pay their share of the CCS’ start-up and ongoing costs of operation. 

The agreement establishes the PRO Operating Committee, comprised of producers and PROs that are a party to the agreement, to oversee the CCS and to set out any administrative, operational and procurement policies that are not otherwise established in the agreement itself. 

In summary the agreement: 

  • Establishes Circular Materials as the CCS Administrator;
  • Establishes the CCS Operator as a third-party manager contracted by the CCS Administrator with the purpose of procuring, holding and managing collection and receiving facility contracts; 
  • Establishes the role of the Third Party Accountant to receive and use commercially sensitive information from the parties to determine, reconcile and audit the proportionate share of collected blue box material and related costs;
  • Sets out the mechanism by which any producer or PRO party to the CCS can access their proportionate share of collected blue box material; 
  • Sets out the mechanism to ensure all producers fund CCS start-up and ongoing CCS related operating costs; and
  • Sets out the process for developing promotion and education.

This agreement is a critical milestone in moving forward to begin the July 2023 transition to extended producer responsibility in Ontario.