Ryse Solutions Announces HYRYSE™ Partnership with Montrose Cannabis to Divert Cannabis Waste From Landfill

OAKVILLE, ON. (December 14, 2021) – Montrose Cannabis has joined Ryse Solutions’ HYRYSE™ program – a recycling and landfill diversion program for cannabis packaging, vape pens and cartridges - becoming the first cannabis retailer to introduce the program to the Ontario market. The program, created by Ryse Solutions – the compliance and advisory division of Emterra Group - addresses the growing amount of cannabis packaging and used vape waste that has not been properly recovered since legalization in 2018 and offers a scalable, cost-effective solution for retailers that will help the Canadian cannabis industry transition to a circular economy. 


There tends to be a lot of misconception around what is actually recyclable. Most cannabis packaging on the market today cannot be effectively recycled – different coloured resins and multi-material packaging complicate it, current recycling infrastructure doesn’t always support it, and therefore, throwing it in your curbside recycling bin is not as effective as one might assume. 

“Joining forces with Ryse Solutions to bring their HYRYSE™ program in-store was a no-brainer for Montrose,” says Nick Baksh, Director of Montrose Cannabis. “Sustainability has become increasingly more important to our customers and we are always looking for new ways to cater to consumer demands. HYRYSE™ does exactly that, giving us a competitive advantage in the market and positioning us as a forward-thinking presence in the cannabis community.” 

The HYRYSE™ program has two components. The first provides customers with a convenient option for the recycling of cannabis packaging. The second focuses on landfill diversion and uses the best technology currently available for the recycling of disposable empty vape cartridges and pens. The program will accept cannabis packaging, disposable vape pens and cartridges from every Licensed Producer, regardless of brand. All materials are then processed via select recycling partners throughout Ontario making for a transparent, all-Canadian solution. 

“We are happy to have brands like Montrose on board, who have taken the initiative to implement sustainable solutions into their business by choice, and not because they’ve waited for the government to mandate it,” says Paulina Leung, Chief Sustainability Officer of Emterra Group.  
Customers can bring their empty cannabis containers, packaging, disposable vapes and cartridges to Montrose Cannabis located at 1755 Pickering Parkway in Pickering, Ontario.  


Media Contact:

Ashley Darrah