Breaking the Mold in the Name of Sustainability: Ryse Solutions Partners with Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co. to Divert Cannabis Waste from Landfill

OAKVILLE, ON (June 20, 2022) - Championing diversity and challenging the status quo are just a few things Ryse Solutions and Prairie and Luna Cannabis have in common, among being female-owned and operated. Today, Ryse Solutions is pleased to add to that list of commonalities as Prairie and Luna Cannabis joins Ryse’s HYRYSE™ program – a recycling and landfill diversion solution for the cannabis industry’s growing waste concerns.  

From 2018 to 2019 alone, the cannabis sector produced an estimated 5.8 to 6.4 million kg of plastic waste1. While government-mandated regulations have yet to come into effect to address this growing concern, retailers like Prairie and Luna Cannabis have been proactive in seeking out solutions for their eco-conscious customer base.  

“The realization of the amount of waste that the industry has created is horrifying. I myself have bins full of packaging at home and knowing that every one of our customers likely has the same amount, if not more, is very alarming to us,” says Quinn Bosel, co-owner of Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co. “Our ethos has always been centered around challenging stigmas and serving our community, so partnering with HYRYSE™ was an easy decision. We’re proud to support another female-owned and operated business that shares our values and vision for the future.” 
HYRYSE™ offers a transparent, cost-effective, all-Canadian solution for the recycling and landfill diversion of cannabis packaging, vape pens and cartridges. Retailers can opt to purchase a ‘starter kit’ to place in-store so that customers can easily drop off their end-of-life packaging, which is then shipped to recycling partners in Sarnia and Mississauga, Ontario. Plastic cannabis packaging is sorted into individual plastic types to determine if they can be processed and if so, washed to remove any impurities (e.g labels) and extruded into pellets. These pellets are then used to make a vast range of plastic products. Vape pens are processed to recover the battery, plastic, and metal whereas the cartridges are managed as special waste and sent to an energy-from-waste facility for processing. 

“As Ontario’s first multi-material Producer Responsibility Organization, we are very experienced in breaking the mold to implement new circular economy solutions for a range of end-of-life materials and industries,” says Gordon Day, Vice President of Ryse Solutions. “When a client, like Prairie and Luna, shares our values and drive to create change, it makes these significant partnerships all the more rewarding.” 

Customers can bring their empty plastic cannabis packaging, disposable vapes and cartridges to Prairie and Luna Cannabis located at 2-3067 Petawawa Blvd in Petawawa, Ontario. 

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Ashley Darrah

Ryse Solutions Inc. works with producers and packaging suppliers to provide compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions to meet ever-changing regulatory and sustainability demands. Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in circular economy solutions, including the design, implementation and management of producer responsibility programs, which cover a broad range of materials, such as tires, waste electronics, hard-to-recycle packaging and batteries. Backed by a well-developed network of collection, processing and end-market assets, we also offer solutions to producers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers, which include understanding the flow of material in recycling facilities; research and development on the recyclability of consumer plastic packaging and paper products; and, the development and optimization of commodity end markets. 

Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co is a female-owned and operated cannabis retailer in Petawawa, Ontario. Founded in 2019, co-owners Jenna and Quinn have grown the business from a cannabis accessory boutique to becoming a licensed retailer with a passion for challenging the stigmas around cannabis-use.